‘Never ask a woman her age’…. they say!  However as I say, ‘you can’t hide the truth and be proud of whom you are’.

As I’m the other side of 50, I realised it was time to help and show others that life is short and should be enjoyed daily, which I promise you I do.

Horses have always been my ‘go-to’. When I returned from overseas one of the first things I did was go to the local polo match, which I absolutely loved and there I met Chon. Little did we know then that it would turn out to be the start of an amazing friendship? And now business partners. Over the years we have helped each emotionally, financially and by always being there for each other at the other end of the phone. Thank goodness for What’s App.

Like most of us, life has had its twists and turns, some great and some challenging. Throughout all these times my horse Tuxedo has been there. Without realising it he has helped and supported me in more ways than he will ever know. For those of us luckily enough to own a horse it is indeed a privilege and honour to have one in your life.

As you will read from Chon’s and Jason’s bios, horses and polo have played a huge part in their lives too. Which is how PoloSingles.com and Special Horses Forces were born.

The concept of PoloSingles.com is that it will be a lifestyle site where you can meet like minded people who love the game and all that goes with it for friendship or dating, this will in turn support our new charity specialforceshorses.org.

With Polo Singles we want to create a community and a network as well as enjoying the game: Watching the amazingly agile and athletic polo ponies, which twist and turn in a blink of an eye, what’s not to love? To enjoy the game of kings, the sound of the hooves, the skill of the players, what’s not to love? And what’s not to love about the friendship and laughter of fellow polo enthusiasts whether they are celebrating or commiserating? And maybe, while enjoying all this, like Chon & Jason there is love to be found too.

With our charity Special Forces Horses, we will be using retired polo ponies, which have the kindest of natures to help our discharged serviceman and women with the horrific effects of PTSD. As mentioned, my horse was the therapy I needed, so we know that with the kindest, sweetest and most patient of natures the polo ponies will help and support the many servicemen and women who need help through this traumatic time in their lives.

Giving back is something I believe in and do on a regular basis. As I said, life is short and needs to be enjoyed daily.

P.S. I’m 56, if you were wondering…