By rights, I would have never have crossed paths with Chon if I hadn’t had the opportunity to step into the world of polo. I admired her ability to ride fairly & lightly,  yet compete aggressively on the field. It’s the passion we both have for the polo that helped bring us together, initially through friendship, then respect which evolved into a loving relationship. It would be fair to say, I fell in love with her ‘seat’!

I’m incredibly competitive by nature and have been a passionate motorsports enthusiast, competitor and mechanic/mentor for over 26 years. Polo is the only sport that brings out and fulfils that competitiveness that previously I’ve only ever experienced from motorsport. I suppose the similarity between the two sports is that there is a driver and the car in motorsport; in polo it is the patron/pro and a string of ponies! And like motorsport, I love working as a competitive team. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a horseman to an Argentine Gaucho who was also a pro player. I learnt so much from him and I am now privileged to be able to call him my best friend.

I also appreciate the fact that polo is virtually the only sport where men and women work together as true team mates.

The combination of a common love for the horse and a common love for the game of polo that has led me to the woman of my dreams. Which is how Chon & I came up with the concept of Polo Singles in order to fund our charity Special Forces Horses with the aim of assisting veterans who have served us to cope with their PTSD and to help re-habilitate horses who may have also had difficult lives. We believe kindness is everything.

There is such a diversity of people who watch and play polo you really never know who you are about to meet next. We’ve sat next to rock stars, some of the biggest patrons in the sport and shaken hands with some of the legendary names in Argentine polo, young kids who just want to be around horses, and I’ve met lots of “ordinary” people with mortgages, 9-5 jobs and absolutely no disposable income to spend on playing themselves, who just love the game.

For me, polo is truly the King of Games because of the happiness it has brought to my life.