Jane is going to be one of trustees for Special Forces Horses.  She has owned and run Cat Calls Ltd, the UK’s first full-time professional cat sitting service for over 25 years, and her commitment to all our four-legged-friends, and human rehabilitation in all its physical and mental forms has been lifelong.  She is also a massive supporter of the Hospice Movement, and volunteers at St Christopher’s Hospice, the UK’s first hospice, created by the great Dame Cicely Saunders. (there’s a princess involved here, patron HRH Princess Alexandra)

Jane’s brother is ex-Police, and ex-Armed forces, so she sees this opportunity to be involved with Special Forces Horses as the natural progression of a life and career helping others and working with animals.

Despite being a boring old businesswoman most of the time, Jane’s other passion is motorcycles, and her current ‘ride’ is a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight: 1250 ccs of engine, and a LOT of horsepower!

Jane says about polo: “I’d never have met Chon if it wasn’t for polo when I randomly booked a beginners polo lesson… (I haven’t progressed much further). Over more than 10 years, she has become one of my very closest friends: we have shared tears over the loss of loved ones, human and animal, she has sympathised after my divorce, buoyed me up, coerced me, helped me, we’ve gone on a few ridiculous shopping trips together, kept in touch through thick and thin, and we’ve enjoyed the BEST girlie holidays together, mostly on a budget! (What more does anyone want?  Cheese, wine, good books and a lot of laughs.) We’ve chortled our way from UK’s Camber Sands to Argentina… I won the Argentina trip in a raffle… lucky me!

“Before we met, I actually thought that all my existing good friends were the only ones I’d ever need – but I realise you can NEVER have too many good friends.  Don’t just see Polo Singles as an opportunity for meeting romantic partners: you might just meet a lifelong friend here too.  And in the process, you’ll be helping heroes: horses and people.

Jane’s other horsepower, her Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight

About Jane’s horse, William

Her first ever horse, and lifelong dream is William, bought when he was 12, and Jane somewhat older.  He is an extremely accomplished, 29 year old veteran, who used to live at Buckingham Palace where he was owned by the now defunct Civil Service Riding Club.

During his time there, he was also a Riding for the Disabled horse (RDA) incidentally, the RDA being one of Princess Anne’s favourite charities.

Whilst William protected and cared for his disabled riders with extreme willingness, excellent manners, tenderness, and 100% commitment to their safety, anyone non-disabled, who “thought” they could ride, was deposited on the floor with alacrity, and a sneaky smile from him.

William is now in retirement in a women’s open prison in Kent, and is therefore continuing his illustrious career as a therapy horse, helping often very damaged women to be rehabilitated back into society.

As a staunch supporter of Natural Horsemanship, Jane had William re-trained to Western riding when he was 15. Western riding uses neck-reining (which all horses take to naturally) and a kinder saddle that spreads the riders’ weight.  William was ridden in a “Happy Mouth™” snaffle bit which is extremely gentle, and the horses speed is usually controlled by the riders’ seat position and voice commands: so no need for whips, spurs, martingales or harsh bits.

William really loves to have his bottom scratched, is a great kisser, and enjoys eating satsumas, but fruit-givers must stand back, as he can cover anyone in spitting distance with satsuma juice.   You have been warned!