The best relationships are indeed the ones you never saw coming.  And I have polo to thank for not only meeting my life partner (and the love of my life) Jason, but also some of my best friends too who are now my Polo Singles business partners.  Hand on heart, I can say I met them all because of polo, and we are all committed to horses, helping others and each other.

Although I started riding when I was four, polo never crossed my mind until I was heading towards that mid-life crisis point of 40.  I kept dropping hints about ‘learn to play polo gift vouchers’ but nothing ever materialised.  Eventually fate intervened and I won a prize draw for a polo lesson.  It was like the best bits of dressage and hacking all rolled in to one and ‘Dozy’, the very first polo pony I rode, was anything but… she could execute pivots that most dressage riders would die for and do it all from gentle neck reining.  I was hooked after just one lesson.

Very rapidly after that, polo became ingrained in my life and eventually led to me being appointed club secretary of a local club for over 12 years.  Although my career started very sedately in retail banking & asset finance, polo has provided me with so many opportunities to meet like-minded people and to spread my creative wings, culminating in the formation of Polo Singles and our charity, Special Forces Horses: Helping horses to help people.

They say that partners who share an interest or sport are more likely to stay the distance in a relationship because of their common bond.  Our aim is to connect people with a passion for polo and I hope all of our new subscribers manage to make new connections, friendships, have fun and enjoy the polo lifestyle along the way… You just never know who you will bump in to!