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  • Andrew & Jessica
    Jessica never thought her day at polo would end like this. It was only when her boyfriend of six years, Andrew, got on one knee before the second half of his game that she realised he was proposing. “You’re the love of my life,” the 25-year-old polo player declared in front of the crowd. “Will you marry me?” Jessica, 24, shyly agreed and stood back behind the fence to watch her new fiance continue the game and score a goal. While she celebrated the precious moment with her family, the rest of the 2000 strong crowd embraced the event and carried on sipping their drinks, nibbling food and networking while keeping an eye on the score...!
  • Jason and Donna-Lea
    Jason and Donna-Lea met at their local polo club but were initially just friends. Then Donna-Lea took Jason to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for his birthday and then their friendship blossomed into romance. Three years on, and they are still very much in love and prefer to take a picnic and watch the polo rather than sit in a stuffy restaurant!
  • Nic & Jen
    Nic says "I met Jen at a polo lesson. I was instantly attracted to her beautiful smile, fun personality and great figure! Eventually I persuaded her to go to lunch with me... and two years and many polo matches later we were married!" Nic and Jen live in West Sussex and now have a family of two girls!

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