Five ways to travel-proof and modernise your moveable feast:

  1. Swap squish-able (and meltable) iced cupcakes for your favourite loaf cake and slice on site.
    It will be easier to pack too!  If you are short of time (or are not naturally gifted in the culinary department, buy an artisan loaf from a farm shop)

    Glazed Lemon Pound Loaf

  2. If you don’t have enough ice to hand, pick drinks that taste good at room temperature
    e.g. fruit juices, ales, light red wine (Beaujolais for example) and Kombucha.

    Paxton & Whitfield English picnic with cheese and ale

  3. Serve up a D.I.Y. ploughman’s instead of making sandwiches.  Less preparation plus its easier to get around dietary requirements.
    For a modern twist, go for a tapas-style with chorizo, cheeses and olives. (Quick cheat, good quality olives in a pull ring tin!)

    Savoury Rich Dark Fruit Loaf

  4. Avoid delicate soft fruits and opt for sturdy options such as melon slices, grapes and bananas.
    Lychees and nectarines can also handle a bit of rough travel!  See our quick cheat below for easy serving suggestion for watermelon:

    Individual Watermelon ‘Bento’ Box

  5. Salad leaves don’t always travel well, especially in the heat, so opt for romaine leaves or otherwise grains.
    (e.g. farro, bulgar wheat and puy lentils). Alternatively make up individual Mason salad jars.

    Individual Salad Jars with cous cous, mozzarella, tomato and basil