Fashion & Spectator Tips for Polo

The key to dressing for polo is to look relaxed yet chic.

What to wear:

  • Do wear flats or wedges, sunglasses. Jeans, Dubarry’s or cowboy boots;  Blazer (boyfriend not gin & jag), silk and linen for big occasions. Be practical for the weather!

What not to wear:

  • Stilettos or your whole day will be spent getting stuck in the turf.
  • Polo is fascinator-free, we’re not at the races anymore.
  • Heels or hotpants (save it for Glasto, darling)
  • Don’t turn up at polo wearing ‘whites’ unless you are playing that day. A total faux pas!

Polo is all about looking good.  ~Robert Burke


  • Do ‘tread in’ at half time (think Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”) as this helps repair the field and make for a faster game in the second half!
  • If a polo ball hops over the boards near to you, you can keep it as a souvenir.
  • Players are always happy to sign polo balls post game.
  • Please clean up after your picnic and any dogs where permitted.


Other Useful Hints

  • You might like to take binoculars or field glasses with you as polo can sometimes seem like it’s taking place at the other side of the field. Also, you can see what’s happening at the ‘pony lines’ where players change ponies by hopping from one horse to another.
  • Be prepared for every eventuality of weather in more changeable climates! An assortment of sunblock, sunglasses and sunhats to lightweight waterproofs and fleeces (picnic blankets too) can save the day if the weather decides to change.
  • Phone the club you are visiting beforehand to see if there will be amenities to buy food and drink and check what time the match especially if the weather had been extreme.
  • Chukkas last 7 ½ minutes each, but in reality when play stops for a foul, you can expect to average around 10 minutes. Play goes fast, so try & picnic before or after the game to get the most enjoyment from watching the match.  You can guestimate a 4 chukka match will last approximately 1 hour and a 6 chukka match and hour and a half.